Founded in 1992, Les Installations Newtech Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in architectural woodwork installation, built-in cabinets, laboratory furniture and more in a variety of projects all accross the country.  By the quality of the work accomplished, the company has quickly known success and became a leader in professional installation services.

In 1999, Newtech entered the American market with the company Newtech Installation USA Inc..

In 2012, a new entity was formed, Les Réalisations Newtech Inc., in order to better meet the needs of th market and develop the rest of the Canada.

During those years, Newtech has built its solid reputation by offering professional and high quality services, a complete technical support and guaranteed satisfaction; allowing the company to outgrow all customer expectations.

The organization is dedicated to excellence. Newtech is commited to superior quality and work closely with the best contractors, woodworkers, architects and property owners to build lasting professional relationships. Delivering large-scale and high-quality projects is our strenght.


Our corporate philosophy is based primarily on offering a professional service, from the beginning to the completion of the project is our main goal.   We understand the importance of each project that we execute and offer a piece of mind at all installation levels.

Quality of installation, effective coordination with the general contractor and other labor forces are Newtech’s priorities. We understand the importance of your company and will work to accomplish your project punctually.

A strict schedule is followed on each project in order to keep you informed of any required modification and to keep you updated.   We offer creative solutions to ease and accelerate the decision procedure.

Our team of qualified installers recognize the importance of a project well accomplished and their pride emerges in each of their achievements. In our organizational culture, we are not only committed to expertise but also to respect, autonomy and mutual assistance.

The particular attention paid to each client, professionalism, respect and superior service allow the company to be the leader in installation !