Qualified Installers

Our installers, most of them with more than 20 years of experience, are constantly trained to be at the ultimate level of new installation techniques. To provide a high quality service and unmatched installation, the organization is constantly developing  the capital expertise of its employees and works well in a vision of development and improvement. Our installers are involved in the training process and are regularly invited to develop more effective and improved installation techniques with obviously having the quality as priority.

On site

We offer the best equipment to achieve your most complex projects. Newteh on site is also dedicated installers who work in innovation of the installation services.  These are proud installers of their achievements, motivated people interested in challenges and innovators ready to realize great scale projects.

A superior quality installation

We are a team of devoted, highly qualified professionals, specialized in leading major projects. We offer the following services :

  • Architectural woodwork installation
  • Integrated furniture installation
  • Laboratory furniture installation (including fume hoods and other contracts’ specifications)
  • Quality installation in various type of projects (Ex : Water towers for hospitals)
  • Wood panels, door frameworks, doors, and architectural hardware
  • General management of major projects (superintendant in woodwork)
  • Coordination of architectural woodwork installation between the general contractor and woodworkers
  • Scheduling due dates
  • Quality work managagement service
  • Computerized evaluation with detailed tasks to be accomplished
  • Measurements
  • Other services available according to your needs